Clean, Veganic Cannabis and Nanotech Products

free from chemical nutrients, harmful pesticides, and animal by-products

ultra clean, veganic grown cannabis and concentrates

A veganic grow and an organic grow are not one and the same. While veganic is organic, it additionally eliminates the use of animal by-products, many of which are exposed to contaminants from today’s farming industry, including antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and heavy metals. In organic grows, the plant’s roots uptake these trace contaminants along with the animal-based nutrients. Veganic grows, being free from any animal-based nutrients, can test up to 1,000 times lower in heavy metal content than the best organic produce. This results in a smoother, cleaner product that is good for us and our environment and can be used by people with high sensitivity to contaminants.

Where organic nutrition relies on decomposition and enzymatic processes to provide the nutrients required by the plant, veganic nutrition is nearly 100% bioavailable from the start. It is easily and quickly metabolized, uninhibited by contaminants that surround molecules and slow energy uptake. Because veganic grows expend less energy metabolizing nutrition, they have more energy reserves for creating oils and terpenes, making for a more potent medicine. Because the plants are efficiently acquiring the energy and nutrients they require, they more easily progress through each of their growth stages resulting in a fully matured plant with higher terpene profiles.

nano processed thc and cbd topicals and sprays

Nanotechnology breaks large biomolecules full of THC or CBD down thousands of times to the molecular level. The smaller the particle size, the easier it becomes for the cells of the body to absorb it. Delivery time to the cells becomes a matter of seconds rather than hours.

Decreasing the particle size of THC or CBD puts the molecules in their most bio-active state. The body absorbs these molecules more efficiently and deeply than it would be able to if they were larger.

Each time the particle’s size is cut in half, its surface area is increased. When you reduce the size hundreds of times, the particle’s surface area increases dramatically. This allows more THC or CBD to be absorbed at once, resulting in a more potent, longer-lasting product.