Nano Processed Sprays

fast effects. deep absorption.

Nanoparticles allow for a very high absorption rate and much quicker onset as compared to regular edibles. Nano particles are easily absorbed by tissue in the mouth, passing more quickly through the blood brain barrier. They are not carried in a material that requires processing through the liver and intestines which gives regular edibles their slower onset. Poor absorption of oil in the body can also result in regular edibles delivering a reduced dose. Nanoparticles are easily absorbed and can quickly deliver a full dose through the bloodstream. 

Our Nano Sprays can be discreetly used under the tongue for fastest onset and deepest absorption. A water soluble product, it can also be sprayed into any beverage or on any food, as it dissolves quickly and completely.

is readily achievable – patients can be sure of the exact dose their body is receiving with each spray, and can increase their dose slowly in increments of 8mg (1 spray) to insure they are not using too much. This is a great option for first time cannabis users that have yet to determine what dose works best for them.

a better alternative.

  • Smoke free – no vapors are taken into the lungs
  • Zero calories – a beneficial alternative for those trying to control their weight
  • Eliminate over dosing – sprays can be measured to avoid discomfort
  • Great value — one bottle contains 100, 8mg THC or CBD sprays
  • Easy to use — compact bottle fits in a pocket or purse for discreet use


12 ml bottle, 800 mg – $79.99 each

Each bottle contains 100 sprays. Each spray delivers 8mg of nano THC or CBD. Each bottle contains a total of 800 mg THC or CBD.

If you’d like to apply to become a medical patient, please click here.