Our Company

Beneflor was founded in 2012 by Ken and Kim Nowak, a professional Maine couple with decades of business experience and expertise in the medical and retail industries. We are passionate, lifelong gardeners, expanding our love of all things green to produce the highest quality cannabis products available.

Beneflor grew out of a passion for gardening and an appreciation for the centuries old healing benefits of medicinal marijuana. Having decades of botanical experience under our belts, we use only the finest nutrients available and strictly avoid pesticides and animal by-products. We grow indoors only, in a state of the art building designed for raising cannabis with technical lighting and equipment that provides ideal growing conditions within a clean and controlled environment. Each plant is nurtured throughout its growth cycle and harvested at peak timing for optimal medical properties. We regularly test all of our products, offering only pure, high potency medicinal flower and formulas for our patients and partners, most of whom have been with us for years and are an integral part of the Beneflor family.

Being a 100% Maine owned, small batch craft business, we aren’t affected by excessive overhead costs and are able to provide high quality products at reasonable prices. We want all of our patients and partners to have the information and products that best meet their needs, and make time available for consultations to help them understand the properties of each product and how they can help manage different conditions.

If you’re interested in joining Beneflor as a patient or retail partner, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

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We love our patients! Customer service and quality are our top priorities. Give us a call or send us an email with any questions about our products or growing practices.

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We are always looking to make new friends and connections in the Maine cannabis industry. Give us a call or fill out our wholesaler contact form for more info.