hand selected, mindfully cultivated.

Our growing process begins with the careful selection of top quality strains that offer a wide variety of medicinal benefits. We also develop our own strains to meet the needs of our patients. Meticulous growing practices with vegan nutrients and the cleanest growing medium produce high quality flowers with a clean, pure taste.              All of our flower is tested for strength and potency for proper dosing. 
Beneflor Maine 24K Gold Strain
24K Gold
Beneflor Maine Blue Dream Strain
Blue Dream - available July
Beneflor Maine Key Lime Sauce Strain
Key Lime Sauce
Beneflor Maine Grandaddy Purple
Granddaddy Purple
Beneflor Maine Strawberry Akeil Strain
Strawberry Akeil
Beneflor Maine Blue Dream Strain
Badger Breath
Beneflor Maine Trippy Gorilla
Trippy Gorilla
Beneflor-Cano Gorilla Zkittles Strain
Gorilla Zkittles



1/4 oz. – $60.00

1/2 oz. – $110.00

1 oz. – $200.00


Beneflor Maine Ken's Frozen Fruit
Ken's Frozen Fruit - available May 1
Beneflor Maine Super Lemon Haze Strain
Super Lemon Haze


To place an order, please call or     text us at 207-441-5431.

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