Topical Solutions

deep absorption. fast relief.

Our concentrated topical solutions are nano processed for deep absorption and fast relief. All of our formulas are oil free, non-GMO, contain only natural ingredients and are infused with high-grade lemongrass essential oil for a fresh, light fragrance and additional anti-inflammatory benefits.

nano processed THC oil free Pain Cream

Our pain cream contains a total of 800 mg nano processed THC for deeper absorption and fast relief. Our fast acting pain relief cream supports patients suffering from chronic joint and muscle pain, and can be especially helpful to those suffering from arthritis.

800mg THC Oil-Free Pain Cream, 2 oz. jar – $69.99

nano processed cBD oil free therapy cream

Our therapeutic cream contains 1000 mg of U.S. grown organic, nano processed broad spectrum CBD for deep absorption and fast relief.  Ideal for chronic joint pain, arthritis, and overworked muscles. Contains 0% THC.

1000mg CBD Oil-Free Therapy Cream, 2 oz jar – $59.99

nano processed cBD oil free lotion

Our oil free face lotion contains 500 mg of nano processed, U.S. grown organic broad spectrum CBD. The gentle formula balances and hydrates compromised skin while promoting healing and soothing inflammation. Use anywhere on the body to renew skin and relieve skin abrasions and dermatitis.

500mg CBD Oil-Free Lotion, 3.4 oz pump bottle – $49.99


Medical marijuana cards are not needed to purchase our CBD products.

If you’d like to become a medical patient to purchase Beneflor THC products, please contact us here.

To place an order, please call or text us at 207-441-5431.